The High Technology Industries (HTI) Group of industrial companies is operating on a global scale in the areas of ropeways (Leitner, Poma, Bartholet and Agudio), snow groomers, crawler carriers and vegetation management systems (Prinoth and Jarraff), snowmaking and dust binding systems (Demaclenko and WLP), digitalized ski area management (Skadii), wind energy (Leitwind) and recently also hydropower (Troyer).


If you finish your studies with a practically oriented final project or dissertation, you are clearly moving towards a professional and successful career. When writing your dissertation at one of our companies you can enjoy continuous technical support providing you with a great insight into real work.


Duration: We assume that a dissertation should be finished within six months. In agreement with the head of department the thesis can either be written at university or in our offices.

Remuneration: The remuneration depends on the type and quality of the thesis.

Accommodation: If the graduating student writes the dissertation in our offices, we will help in finding an apartment.


Are you interested in writing your thesis with our italian or austrian companies? Apply online indicating the preferred time period and the sector you would like to work in.


If you are interested in writing your thesis at one of the following subsidiaries, send your e-mail application to or apply online:



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