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Title Company Location
Technician-High School graduates
Technician-High School graduates All Companies Vipiteno, Italy
All Companies Vipiteno, Italy
Senior Controller
Senior Controller PRINOTH Vipiteno, Italy
PRINOTH Vipiteno, Italy
CAx+PDM Administrator (w/m/d )
CAx+PDM Administrator (w/m/d ) TROYER Vipiteno, Italy
TROYER Vipiteno, Italy
Commissioning Engineer for Electrical Systems LEITNER Vipiteno, Italy
Technician for 3D Visualization
Technician for 3D Visualization LEITNER Vipiteno, Italy
LEITNER Vipiteno, Italy
HR Administration
HR Administration PRINOTH Telfs, Austria
PRINOTH Telfs, Austria
HR Controller
HR Controller LEITNER Vipiteno, Italy
LEITNER Vipiteno, Italy
Internship Purchasing 2024
Internship Purchasing 2024 LEITNER Telfs, Austria
LEITNER Telfs, Austria
Process Technician in Precision Machining LEITNER Vipiteno, Italy
Apprenticeship 2024
Apprenticeship 2024 All Companies Telfs, Austria
All Companies Telfs, Austria